‘Unicorns exist’, the latest series by Isabel Muñoz

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Yesterday, he presented in Madrid, at the Blanca Berlín gallery in Madrid, the last exhibition of the photographer Isabel Muñoz: ‘Unicorns exist’ . A series of photographs taken in Deauville, near the Norman coast, famous for its horse races. The title of the exhibition is the expression of a girl of eleven years after seeing the photographs that are part of the series.

After the great exhibition of Tabacalera , on the occasion of her National Photography Prize, it became clearer than ever that Isabel is the photographer of the passion for sensuality. And in this new exhibition is confirmed, from another point of view, the idea that was left to all. She is able to find sensuality in any project she has in hand. And it is nothing other than pure life.

On this occasion he has decided to go after the horses. It is not the first time he approaches the animal world in such a way. Three years ago, he surprised both people and strangers with ‘Family Album’, a series of portraits of primates that reminded us that we are closer to them than many people think.

'Unicorns exist', the latest series by Isabel Muñoz
Deauville 2018

The horse, one of the most elegant animals we can have in mind, conquered the eyes of Isabel Muñoz in the Norman lands. Maybe he fell in love even more with them watching them run on the beach. Or he found his social outlook when he discovered that horses are a therapeutic catalyst in cases of abuse , mobility problems, traumatic diseases or disability, as we can read in the press releases.

And he did not stop until he got to meet Pierre Fleury , a man who establishes perfect communication with the horses and who explained how to work with them to extract everything they are capable of offering. Everyone who has worked with animals knows how difficult it can be. But it gives the feeling, after contemplating the photographs, that they were really posing for Isabel Muñoz. Or at least they were very curious.

The platinums as a brand of the house

One of the hallmarks of Isabel Muñoz are the platinums . A noble process, totally artisan, that gives the photographs an unbeatable look. Unique and unrepeatable. There are so many variables that it is impossible to find two identical copies. Each one has a life of its own. Those slightly reddish tones of the platinum change as it is applied to the paper.

'Unicorns exist', the latest series by Isabel Muñoz
Deauville 2018

The technique is able to turn the photograph into a painting, because the presence of the brush, the strength of the stroke, imperceptibly changes each copy. First you have to get a large negative and then, by contact, bring all the nuances to the sheet sensitized with platinum. It is the magic of the artisan, of what is alive in the face of mechanized processes that equal everything.

Because the copies of the exhibition show traces of the emulsion on paper . Inside the frame the paper is held with magnets to remind us that we are seeing something more like an engraving than a simple printed photograph. And it is not easy to achieve the degree of perfection achieved by each copy. There is also the excellent work of his team in sight.

'Unicorns exist', the latest series by Isabel Muñoz
Deauville 2018

We see the horses, running by the sea, resting on the ground and accompanied by naked human bodies. Skin against skin. Black and white with all its nuances . And you remember the pleasure of looking at a photograph. It’s a job, which as always happens with Isabel Muñoz, allows you to imagine a thousand stories while you contemplate it. Is not it the mission of photography?

‘Unicorns exist’ by Isabel Muñoz

From January 17 to March 9, 2019 White Gallery Berlin

C / del Limón, 28

28015, Madrid. Spain

Blanca Berlin

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