These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

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If you are a loyal reader, you will know that we are little friends of the rumors, and that’s why we seldom talk about it on our pages. However, that does not mean that we do not pay attention to what can happen. And sometimes the rumor mill sometimes helps us to get an idea of the cameras that will (or not) put our pages in the spotlight in this New Year.

Let us therefore tell you what can be presented on the Internet after the most widespread rumors in 2019, even if we first examine what is already certain. And as you know, there are already some interesting models, most of them in the last issue of Photokina, and should be published all year round.

By the way, the doors of another show are still open, the CES 2019, which is not a photographic event but an electronic event. However, some companies in the industry usually provide the framework to present their novelties at the beginning of the year. Considering the fact that the fair is still open, it could still give us some surprises.

Those that are already announced

As we said, we are going to talk about cameras that are just a hypothesis and others that should be a reality over the next twelve months. And we start with the latter (by the way, in alphabetical order):

Fufifilm GFX 100

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

Together with the GFX 50R, it was one of the biggest novelties of the German photo fair. Although it is a model for a limited audience, its features are striking.

Because in addition to a medium format sensor (Super Full Frame after Fujifilm) with a resolution of 102 megapixels, it offers unprecedented opportunities in this area, such as phase detection points throughout the sensor, stabilization system in the housing and recording of 4K video. All in a relatively compact case, which costs about ten thousand euros.

Olympus OM-D E-M1X?

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

Our next on the list is still a mystery because we know for sure that Olympus will present a high-end model on January 24, but we can not say it’s just the camera we say.

As far as you can imagine, it seems like the Olympus OM-D E-M1X, an update to the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, is designed for photographers looking for faster. In any case, this new Olympus was the first to “break the fire” this year in 2019. A year in which the Japanese company celebrates its 100th anniversary, we assume that there will be some announcements and / or publications.

Leica S3

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

Announced at the Photokina 2018 , the new medium format Leica with reflex viewer should arrive with spring. Among its specifications, the Leica S3 highlights a captor of 64 megapixels (more than double the already quite old- Leica S2 ) that will offer a wide sensitivity (up to 50,000 ISO) and the ability to record video in 4K resolution.

Panasonic S1 and SR1

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

Although this had been rumored in advance, the biggest surprise that the Photokina 2018 had brought us was the official announcement that Panasonic is entering the battle for the full format with the Panasonic Lumix S1 and SR1 (without losing the Micro 4/3 negligible).

Although a few days ago (used by the presence at the CES) more details of their properties were known, these models still have many unknowns. Starting with your departure date over the size up to a price, which can mark the success in the now thriving segment of the full-frame mirrorless quite.

Ricoh GR III

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

Another highlight of the latest Photokina was the eagerly awaited Ricoh GR III, the renewal of a compact that is highly regarded in the field of street photography, and the legacy of a saga that began at the time of the chemical film.

The third version, featuring a fixed lens of 28mm, compact size and high image quality, retains the brightness of 2.8 and the sensor type APS-C, which now ranges from 16.2 to 24 Mpixel, and also adds a three-inch touch screen and a faster hybrid focusing system. Of course, nothing is known about the date of market release or the price, although it should remain below one thousand euros.

Sigma SD Quatro FF

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

At the Photokina 2018, Sigma not only introduced new goals, but also developed a new version of the Sigma Quattro, the entry into the world without a mirror, but now with a full-format sensor.

It would leverage the union of Leica, Panasonic and Sigma itself around the L-mount and be the confirmation of something that was announced some time ago: a sensor with Foveon technology in full-frame format. In any case, there hardly seems to be a project as there is no information on the characteristics or, of course, the estimate of the departure date (much less price).

Zeiss ZX1

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

Also announced at the German photography fair , the return of Zeiss to the manufacture of cameras is materialized in an undoubtedly original model: the Zeiss ZX1 . And is that, beyond being a compact, with 35 mm ƒ2 lens , electronic viewfinder, a large rear screen of 4.34 inches and full frame sensor with 37.4 Mpixels , the camera has internal storage of 512 Gbytesand Adobe Lightroom integrated into the body.

That is, everything necessary to develop the work flow (shoot, edit and share) in the camera itself. A novel concept that we will see how it materializes because, at the moment, nothing is known about the price (we predict that it will be quite high), nor about the launch date (although it was announced at the beginning of 2019).

Zenit M

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

And if we said that the predecessor model was the return of Zeiss, so does the Russian Zenith, who reappeared with a camera presented at the Photokina 2018. The Zenit M wants to be a digital edition of the legendary film cameras, but the reality is more like a customized version of a Leica M, as it was developed in collaboration with this German company.

However, it will be a manual focus telemetry model with a CMOS sensor of 24 Mpixels, accompanied by a Zenitar optic with a maximum aperture of ƒ1, which will be of completely Russian design and manufacture. It is produced in small quantities and should be available shortly in both Russia and Europe at a presumably high price.

Those that could appear (or not)

We now go to the field of speculation with the models that are rumored with force that could be presented throughout 2019 (another thing is that finally go on sale), for example at the CP + fair held in Japan at the end of February . And again we do it in alphabetical order:

Canon EOS RX, EOS 1D X Mark III …

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019
Photo of Digital Camera World

Although the last year at home was full of news, Canon is to prepare several models. What is most talked about is the possibility that the brand new EOS R will be accompanied by other models, which reinforces Canon’s bet in the mirrorless full format range. In particular, a possible Canon EOS RX, which according to Canon rumors would have 8K capacities and would complement the already sold model (above).

Of course, we do not exclude new developments in the field of SLR cameras, under which there are several possibilities. From the same sources it seems more likely that a future Canon EOS 1D X Mark III will replace the previous model, which is already three years old (a long time in a rather competitive sector).

Fujifilm X-T30, X-Pro 3, X-H2 …

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019
Photo of Fuji Rumors

The introduction of the Fujifilm X-T3 brought the fourth generation of X-Trans sensor and X-processor, which promises the company will renew several of its models to provide them with this new technology (as in the past the case was)). The first model that will see this improvement will be the little sister of this camera, the predictable Fujifilm X-T30. In fact, they say in Fuji Rumors that the camera is already registered and will be released shortly.

As for the expected X-Pro 3 model, which until recently led the Japanese catalog, Tech Radar insisted that it see the light this year. The also accused Fujifilm X-H2, however, according to rumors (according to Fuji rumors) would remain.

Nikon D6, D760 …

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019
Photo of New Camera

Another, which was rather unproductive in 2018 (except at the end, when he presented his system Z mirrorless in full size), it is expected that in 2019, especially in the field of SLR cameras movements will occur. And the first could be the Nikon D6, which according to Nikon rumors should be presented shortly. In fact, they expected this to happen at the CES, otherwise this would likely happen at the Japanese CP +.

Another that could see the light this year is a hypothetical Nikon D760, a D750 relay, and a new entry-level model for full-frame-scan SLRs.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019

As we have said before, the fact that this firm reaches 100 years and that last 2018 practically remained unpublished makes us think that this year “it will throw the rest”. And apart from the already confirmed high-end model, what seems more likely is that finally this manufacturer unveils the long-awaited Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III , since its predecessor will turn four years during the next twelve months. However, everything remains little more than speculations and desires, as they count in Tech Radar .

Sony A6700 / 7000, A7S III, A9 II …

These are the new cameras that will appear during 2019
Photo of Digital Camera World

Finally we arrived at Sony, a firm that did not present anything in Photokina but that was speculated if it did (without success) in the CES 2019, because it seems that it will have juicy new features this year. In fact, one of the rumors that more times we have noted is the launch of a future Sony A6700 or A7000 . The gossip does not agree with the namebecause, although it seems clear that it would be the substitute of the A6500 (which already has to renew), it is speculated that it is a relay (say) “conventional”, or that open a new family in the catalog.

In this second case, which is the one that sounds louder, the model would adopt a design more similar to that of an SLR, such as the A7 and A9 , but with APS-C sensor of 32 Mpix , expected to compete with the Fujifilm X- T3 . In Digital Camera World they say that the announcement is imminent, so we will be attentive.

Another model that could be presented is the long-awaited Sony A7S III , ie the update of the CSC fulll frame model more oriented to video (and lately has seen how the competition multiplied), but this is nothing more than a desire that a probability because there is hardly any information about it . Something similar happen with a future Sony A9 II , which could be developing but for now it is little more than a possibility that arose because it would “touch” renew its predecessor .


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