Sony announces a major firmware update for the A9, A7 R III and A7 III and the new mobile app Imaging Edge

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In addition to presenting the Sony A6400 , the Japanese firm has also announced two interesting developments within its digital imaging division. Specifically, it is a ” major update ” for its TOP camera, the Sony A9 (which extends to its younger sisters the A7R III and A7 III ) plus a new mobile application to control their cameras that is now called Imaging Edge .

New firmware 5.0 and 6.0 for the A9

As we say, the multinational has announced the launch of new internal software for its A9, which ” will improve via software its already impressive automatic focus, its performance and its image quality, as well as a variety of new features designed to improve workflow general for professional photographers “. Curiously, they have not presented an update, but twothat will arrive gradually throughout 2019 .

The first is the version 5.0 that will be released in March and adds Real-time Tracking technology (” Real-time tracking”) that we already discussed with regard to the A6400 and is a new development of the house for tracking objects. This system uses ” the latest Sony algorithm that includes object recognition based on artificial intelligence and processes color, subject distance (depth) and pattern (brightness) as spatial information to ensure that all subjects can be captured with extreme precision . ”

Sony announces a major firmware update for the A9, A7 R III and A7 III and the new mobile app Imaging Edge

In addition, according to Sony, ” when photographing or videotaping humans or animals, information on the position of the face and eyes is recognized by the AI ​​and the eyes of the object are monitored in real time with an extremely high tracking precision ”

On the other hand, the new 5.0 software will also incorporate an improvement of the eye recognition system that the camera already had, now going to be called Real-time Eye AF , since now the work is done (as the name suggests) “in real time ” Thus, this new feature ” uses the recognition of objects based on artificial intelligence to detect and process ocular location data in real time, which improves the accuracy, speed and tracking performance of the Eye AF “. In addition, with the new software, ” photographers can select the preferred eye (left or right) as a point of focus for the person who wants to be photographed .”

The novelties of the software also add other less important benefits related to the approach and improve (always according to Sony) the image quality. ” Specifically in the reproduction of color, since the camera will explain with greater precision the subtle changes in the light to achieve gradations of softer and more natural tones in the different objects […] There is also a new AWB algorithm, which produces images more consistently balanced during burst shooting . ”

Finally, as expected, the firmware will add support for the new Imaging Edge Mobile application , which will allow adding several new features, such as Transfer & Tagging add-on to ” help the professional workflow, allowing photographers transfer images from your camera to a smartphone, while still being able to take pictures and also add IPTC metadata to the transferred images . ”

Regarding version 6.0 of the firmware for the Sony A9, its release should arrive next summer and will add an interesting possibility: The Eye AF for animal eyes , ” an extremely exciting development for nature or pet photographers ” . In addition, it will also offer the possibility of making timelapse type movies when implementing interval shooting.

Firmware 3.0 for the Sony A7R III and Sony A7 III

With regard to the Sony A7R III and Sony A7 III , the next month of April will be released firmware 3.0 that will basically include two developments that we have already commented on the Sony A9. The first will be the improvements in the recognition of the eye, since the cameras will be able to incorporate the Real-time Eye AF technology , including the modality for animals. On the other hand, the new recording functionality will be added at intervals ” that will allow the creation of time-lapses very easily “.

Sony announces a major firmware update for the A9, A7 R III and A7 III and the new mobile app Imaging Edge

New mobile apps

In addition to the new firmware, Sony has also introduced the new Imaging Edge mobile application , as well as another one for professionals and several updates for existing apps. If you hear the name of the tool is because it already existed in desktop version , so the novelty now is that it is released in format for mobile devices replacing the current PlayMemories Mobile .

Sony announces a major firmware update for the A9, A7 R III and A7 III and the new mobile app Imaging Edge

Its output is scheduled for March and will allow ” the instantaneous transfer of images from the camera to a connected mobile device while shooting .” For this purpose, the new Auto background transfer to Smartphone function will be used, designed for users to share content directly from their mobile phones in a simple way. In addition, it supports the transfer of movies in 4K format and offers remote control functions.

This is for users in general, but in the case of professionals , Sony has also presented another app called Transfer & Tagging add-on designed to ” facilitate the flow of instant delivery by allowing users to transfer content to their mobile devices through the FTP transfer of the camera, without having to change its focus “. In addition, this tool also allows voice input for text and subtitles, in order to ” help streamline communication and overall work flow between photographers and other team members “, and a function to synchronize the subtitle glossary between several devices.

Sony announces a major firmware update for the A9, A7 R III and A7 III and the new mobile app Imaging Edge

This new application will also be available as of March , but before (this same month of January) versions 1.4 of the Remote, Viewer and Editdesktop tools will be released , and the desktop version of Imaging Edge willbe updated with the compatibility of workflow to be able to make timelapse movies, in addition to adding other new features to improve its use.

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