‘Roma’ and ‘The guest’ lead the favorite films to win the Oscar for the best picture of 2019

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Last Tuesday, we came in doubts and met the Oscar nominees of 2019. The award ceremony will take place in a month and then we know who is bringing the cat to the water. The favorites are “Roma” and “The guest” with ten nominations. How could it be otherwise that these two films are each nominated for the best photography. Let’s meet in this section with the nominees for 2019.

I always say that good films have a good image by definition. It is an indispensable requirement. It’s hard to find an unforgettable movie with a bad photo. It’s what we remember. Recently, we talked about the films that, according to the pros, have the best photos. And all are studied in film schools as monuments.

I will always insist that photography should be one of the most important prizes , at the height of the classic five: Film, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay . It is considered a mere technical recognition rather than a fundamental part. But I think that if we see again the best films in history, the image will always be outstanding to communicate the idea that the director had.

'Roma' and 'The guest' lead the favorite films to win the Oscar for the best picture of 2019

I think this year marks the first time in a long while (since the classic black and white era) that at least two nominated films flee the color to tell a story: “Rome” and “Cold War” forever remain in our retina as two perfect works at the height of “The Night of the Hunter” or “The List of Schindler“.

'Roma' and 'The guest' lead the favorite films to win the Oscar for the best picture of 2019
‘Cold war’

I already have my favorites. And I hope that the day of delivery receives the deserved price. But you never know. It all depends on the jury, on the promotion and so many things that there are times when everything around them is more rewarded than the work itself. We’ll see what happens, but until then we meet the nominees.

Films nominated for the best photography

Sure, that’s not what you expected, or you’re outraged to see that one who has disappointed you is one of the nominees. We can not forget that this is just a list. And we can not change it (it’s not that important either). So we need to choose between those present to see who will be the brand new winner and everyone will remember for a few months until the films are done.


‘Cold war’ by Lukasz Zal

The director of Ida, Pawel Pawlikowski, returns with this story, which has already won the award for Best Director in Cannes. The director of photography is Lukasz Zal, who has also shaped the unforgettable look of Ida. It is the classic story of impossible love that begins and ends during the Cold War.

As you can see, it is black and white. Everything is perfect, serving history. Maybe it will not reach the high level we have seen in the history of the nun. But it’s a visual work of art, flat with the plane. Escape the great technologies, extend the formats and focus on the successful use of light.

Lukasz Zal has already proved his worth in ‘Ida’, a film that due to its composition in schools of photography should be studied through the film. Even the square format made sense. In ‘Cold War’ everything seems to be less measured, but the light directs the viewer’s gaze to all levels.

‘The favorite’ by Robbie Ryan

Worth the redundancy, this is the other favorite of this year’s awards. He has ten nominations. It tells the story of Abigail Masham, a maid who is gradually fulfilling all her ambitions in eighteenth-century England. A time drama that pleases in Hollywood the hands of Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of ‘Canino’ or ‘Lobster’, the most disrespectful films of recent years.

The photo of ‘La favorita’ is by Robbie Ryan. I was already nominated for several awards for this film. The Oscar is the most recognizable recognition. His works are impressive and combine the contrasting illumination of the interior of the palaces, the natural light of the landscape and the tenebrism of the nights illuminated by the candles.

When we remember your collaboration with Ken Loach, one of the standards of social cinema, we know that he knows how to show the light we see every day, and it’s not easy. Here are more resources available to place the settings of each character at any time.

‘The shadow of the past’ by Caleb Deschanel

One of the great unknown of these nominations, at least for the writer. It is the new film by the director of the wonderful ‘Life of others’, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. In this case, he tells the story of love between two art students and how her father tries to prevent it. But none suspects that their story is connected by a crime of the past.

The director of photography is Caleb Deschanel, one of the great veterans of the guild. He is 74 years old and has worked with greats like Cassavetes, David Lynch in three episodes of the mythical Twin Peaks series, Mel Gibson at his best when he made films like The Passion of Christ … He already has five Received nominations for these awards, making him the new Roger Deakins. And it seems that it stays that way …

‘Roma’ by Alfonso Cuarón

The big favorite in all the pools . In his favor he has Netflix and the entire campaign that will orchestrate around. But that is not enough to succeed. His story is pure realism, pure life. The truth of life made film. It is the story of the servant of a family in the Roma neighborhood during the first convulsive years of the 70s.

Alfonso Cuarón imagined it from the beginning in black and white. But in perfect black and white of the 21st century. With a texture and digital depth that can not be achieved yet. He has the look of his director of fetish photography, Emmanuel Lubezki, but without his camera movements.

‘A star is born’ by Matthew Libatique

It is the new revision of the story that was immortalized by Barbra Streisand or Judy Garland by George Cukor. The Bradley Cooper movie brings nothing new. But it tells us that we have adapted to the new times. And if you have a sad afternoon, it’s the best movie you can see.

The photo is from Matthew Libatique. Most viewers will certainly remember him work with Darren Aronofsky. His is the disturbing atmosphere of ‘Black Swan’ or ‘Requiem for a Dream’. It is striking that after the realism of this love film ‘Venom’ was also presented this year.

'Roma' and 'The guest' lead the favorite films to win the Oscar for the best picture of 2019
‘A star is born’

In this movie, he forgets the dark surroundings to bring us to hell. He uses it only to reflect the pain that you can suffer from the damage that love and nostalgia have left for the first steps of falling in love.

There are five films that will leave time on their website. Some will remember us. Others stay in the trunk of the memories. But maybe we’ll see them on TV again over the years, because theater will disappear from Earth. And we can stay open-mouthed. We will see what happens during the night of delivery.



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