Panasonic Lumix GX9, mirror-free compact size for street photography

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At least the Japanese company tells us in the press release that the new camera will be included in the catalog along with the Lumix G9 and GH5 / GH5S. Indeed, the Panasonic Lumix GX9 would be the most advanced model in “compact format” (ie, without the typical SLR eyelet), which was designed to be a “perfect companion for street or city photography.”

Successor of the Lumix GX8 introduced in the summer of 2015 and a step above the GX80, which is slightly younger (spring 2016), this is a refurbished model that is related to the latest market requirements with features such as z 5-axis stabilizer or new features with the bracketing.

In terms of the stabilizer, the Lumix GX9 has a dual IS with five axes, which is intended for both photo and video. The system combines a biaxial optical image stabilizer (OIS) and an image stabilizer in the five-axis body (BIS), which “compensates for a wider range of motion, making it possible to slow down the shutter speed to 4 steps“.

In terms of exposure bracketing, the camera has focus bracketing capabilities that allow you to “shoot a maximum of 999 images with different focus distances,” and Aperture Bracketing can capture multiple images with different depths of focus to make a posteriori selection the most appropriate one ,

Panasonic Lumix GX9 Sensor without low pass filter

Panasonic Lumix GX9, mirror-free compact size for street photography

The chip responsible for image capture appears to be the same sensor of its predecessor, a Digital Live MOS of 20.3 Mp type Micro 4/3, but now the filter of the low pass has been omitted to guarantee “the details ” more accurately captured and optimized by providing a broad dynamic range, the press release said. In addition, the house’s DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology has been integrated to provide a faster, more precise focusing and a faster burst, although the data they provide (AF speed of about 0.07 seconds and burst of 9 frames per second (AFS)) / 6 fps (AFC) are almost identical to the previous model.

They also emphasize the three-dimensional color control, which “individually captures the tone, saturation and brightness and reproduces the color faithfully from the dark to the light parts of the image” and improves the “process of” reducing noise [. ..], which ensures a clear representation of the image, precisely recognizes the noise and precisely preserves details “thanks to the Venus Engine processor“.

Outwardly, there are not many changes except to include an exposure dial to change the exposure and a focus lever in the back area to switch between AFS, AFC and manual focus without having to go through the menu. In terms of connectivity, the Lumix GX9 combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy with the ability to instantly share images through an application for smartphones or tablets, iOS and Android.

A renovated viewer

Panasonic Lumix GX9, mirror-free compact size for street photography

Another novelty of the camera is the new Live View Finder with a resolution of 2,760,000 points, a 16: 9 format, an increase of 1.39x and a field of view of 100%. In addition, it can tilt up to 80 degrees to “provide exceptional shooting style, especially for subjects under eye level,” and includes a sensor that automatically initiates focus when it detects that the eye is approaching.

On the contrary, when the camera detects that the eye is moving away, the camera enters suspend mode (which is disabled when the shutter button is pressed), a new feature designed to conserve energy, which Panasonic claims is the Lumix GX9 is capable With one battery charge you can take up to 900 images. Of course, the camera also has a three inch long rear screen with a resolution of 1,240,000 points and an inclination of 80 degrees up and 45 degrees down.

As expected, the capabilities of Photo 4K, which improves the brand in all its models, and thanks to which you can get photos at 30 frames per second in a resolution equivalent to eight megapixels, from 4K 30p / 25p videos or 24p in MP4 , Of course, to enhance the experience of choosing between hundreds of images, a new auto dial feature has been added (you’ll have to see how it works).

On the other hand, with these 4K photo features, you can easily create motion sequences (also known as ActionShot or “Action Sequence”) and use post-focus (to select the focus area) and Focus Stacking (to adjust) the depth of field after shooting). As a novelty, the Light Composition function has been integrated, making it possible to combine “images by selecting and storing the brightest pixel, […] to create more dramatic and luxurious images of situations such as fireworks or night landscapes.”

Panasonic Lumix GX9, mirror-free compact size for street photography

Other interesting features of the new camera would be a completely noiseless mode, “ideal for city photographers who need to go unnoticed“, not only avoiding noise, but “suppressing the emission of the AF assist lamp and the flash with a single shot”. , We can also say that the camera has the option of “taking pictures with and without filtering options applied at the same time – RAW files can be developed in the same camera without the need for a computer.”

Price and availability of Panasonic Lumix GX9

The new Panasonic Lumix GX9 was launchedalong with several optional accessories such as a rubber for the eyepiece and a grip.




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