Olympus: New Olympus 12-200mm lens leaked

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It has been leaked a new lens from Olympus, the 12-200mm f / 3.5-6.3, which will soon come with a weight of 455 grams on the market.

Olympus stays with Micro-Four-Thirds

Not only did Olympus introduce the new E-M1X , but also announced a new super telephoto zoom lens . This lens is the  150-400mm f / 4.5 IS Pro , which will be released in 2020.

In addition, Olympus has also unveiled a new lens roadmap, which proves once again that the company wants to continue to focus fully on Micro Four Thirds cameras. The roadmap does not tell us any concrete details, but it lists, among other things, a lens that according to the roadmap should cover approximately the range of 14 to 200mm.

New 12-200mm lens leaked

Now we also know what lens this mysterious lens will be exactly – namely, the picture of a 12-200mm f / 3.5-6.3 lens from Olympus has been leaked (see article above).

This new 12-200mm lens is aimed primarily at travel photographers and all those who are looking for a compact “on-the-go lens” on the go. The lens will be available in March 2019 in the trade, accordingly, you can expect soon with an official presentation.

The lens will of course be weatherproof and should bring a weight of 455 grams on the scale. The price will apparently be 899 euros, the minimum distance limit should be 22cm.

Finally, here’s the new lens roadmap from Olympus, which indicates which new Micro Four Thirds lenses the manufacturer wants to bring to the market in the near future:

Olympus: New Olympus 12-200mm lens leaked

Source: 43rumors

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