Nikon D7500: Depth Review

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The Nikon D7500, a replacement for the famous D7200, is currently one of Nikon’s most powerful APS-Cs. Although they are in the range behind the Nikon D500, there are many who compare the D7500 with the flagship Nikon APS-C because quality and performance are very close together. So with the Nikon D7500, we can enjoy the highest-range features integrated into a lower-priced case.

This article analyzes the outstanding features of the Nikon D7500 and explains the pros and cons of this stunning camera.

Highlights of the Nikon D7500

1. 20.9 MP sensor

The sensor of the Nikon D7500 is one of the most outstanding features, since it is the same sensor as the D500. This innovative sensor gives the Nikon D7500 impressive picture quality and sharpness.

Although the resolution has been reduced compared to its predecessor, the D7200, it is true that this reduction greatly improves low-light sensitivity, as we will see below.

Nikon D7500: Depth Review

2. ISO up to 51 200

As I said before, the Nikon D7500’s sensor has a higher sensitivity than its predecessor, allowing it to achieve 51,200 ISO, which can be extended up to 164,000 ISO.

Noise protection at high ISO values is at the level of the Nikon D500, which was praised for exactly this reason.

3. 51 Focus points

The D7500 autofocus system has 51 focus points (15 crosses). It’s a fast and accurate autofocus that can focus on both static and moving subjects, even in low light conditions.

In addition, thanks to the touchscreen, you can also conveniently focus on live view mode. By touching the point you want to focus on, the Nikon D7500 focuses precisely.

4. Bursts of up to 8 fps in RAW

The Expeed5 processor gives the Nikon D7500 a high image processing speed. This feature allows the RAW format to fire bursts at up to 8 frames per second, allowing about 50 frames to be captured without interruption. And even reaches 100 images in a high-quality JPG format.

As I said earlier, your autofocus can follow moving subjects, so the Nikon D7500’s image shots are not only fast but also accurate.

Nikon D7500: Depth Review Nikon D7500: Depth Review

5. 4K Video Recording

The Nikon D7500 also incorporates, like the Nikon D500recording video in 4K at 30 fps, and in fullHD at 50/60 fps . Since this recording system was incorporated into the D500 and D5 it seems that finally Nikon is getting the batteries in the video recording.

In addition, thanks to its folding and tactile 3.2-inch LCD screen the recording process will be much simpler and versatile.

6. Other Outstanding Features

  • Shutter speed between 30 sec and 1/8000 sec. and Bulb Mode
  • Sealed body, resistant to dust and moisture
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Viewfinder with full coverage pentaprism
  • Time-lapse function in 4K
  • Battery that reaches up to 950 shots
  • Light body (640 gr.) And more ergonomic
  • Focus motor integrated in the body

Nikon D7500: Depth Review

Advantages of the Nikon D7500

The Nikon D7500 offers many of the advantages of the D500, but incorporated in a more affordable model . Among the most outstanding we undoubtedly find:

  • Its enormous sensitivity, which allows it to shoot at high ISOs without the noise ruining the shot.
  • Its great speed, which allows us to make bursts of up to 8 fps
  • Your new autofocus system, fast and accurate
  • Its high resolution, touch screen and folding LCD

Disadvantages the Nikon D7500

  • There is no second memory slot
  • 4K recording excessively cuts the frame
  • Video autofocus usually fluctuates
  • It is not compatible with the old Nikon manual lenses (unlike the rest of the cameras in the D7000 series)
  • There is no possibility of incorporating a grip

Price / Where to buy the Nikon D7500

You can get the Nikon D7500 from € 1500, depending on the pack you choose:


Nikon D7500: Depth Review

Accessories / Interesting Accessories for the Nikon D7500

There are many objectives that can come in handy for your Nikon D7500. Remember that the quality of a camera is complemented by good objectives. Below you will find some of the most interesting:

  • Nikon 35 mm f / 1.8 G
  • Nikon 50 mm f / 1.8 G
  • Nikon 55-200 f / 4-5.6 G
  • Nikon 55-300 f / 4-5.6 G
  • Tokina 11-16 mm f / 2.8
  • Sigma 10-20 mm f / 3.5
  • Samyang 8 mm f / 3.5 (fish eye)

Some accessories can also be used to complete your photographic equipment:

  • Nikon SB-700 external flash
  • Neewer external flash
  • Hama tripod
  • SanDisk Extreme Memory Card 90 MB / sec. (class 10) of 32 Gb.
  • Remote trigger with intervalometer
  • Wireless remote trigger
  • Photographic backpack

Top Competitors of the Nikon D7500

  • Same Range:  Canon EOS 6D
  • Top Range:  Nikon D500 , Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • Lower Range: Nikon D7200 , Canon EOS 80D, Pentax K3
  • Without Mirror / Mirrorless / Evil:  Sony a6500, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4

Nikon D7500: Depth Review

Photos made with the Nikon D7500

Finally we show you some pictures taken with a Nikon D7500:

Nikon D7500: Depth Review Nikon D7500: Depth Review


Key features:

  • 20.9MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • 51-point phase detect AF
  • 8 fps burst for 100+ JPEGS or 50 Raws
  • 180k-pixel RGB sensor for metering and subject recognition
  • 3.2″ tilting touchscreen LCD
  • Deeper grip
  • Weather-sealing
  • 4K (UHD) video from 1.5x crop of sensor
  • In-camera batch Raw processing
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


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