Nikkor Z 14-30mm f / 4 S, new ultra wide-angle zoom lens for the Nikon Z without mirror with full frame sensor

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With the beginning of the new year (after the Christmas holidays), the doors of the CES are opened , the technology fair that is being held annually in the United States and that, although it is not dedicated to photography, will undoubtedly leave us some news And the first is the presentation of a target angular ultra type with variable focal longuitud for the new Z system of cameras mirrorless with full format sensor Nikon: The Nikkor Z 14-30mm f / 4 S .

The new optics is, according to the firm, ” the first full-frame ultra-wide-angle lens in the world (for digital cameras) that has a flat front element “. This ” allows the use of 82 mm filters without the bulky filter holders “. Thus, the combination of this feature plus ” a small size ” and a retractable design make it ideal for travel and allows photographers (always according to Nikon) to have ” more control and freedom to capture landscapes, cities, architectures, interiors or videos . “

The objective is to add to the (currently) limited supply of lenses for the Nikon Z and, like the other three that were already presented, the new lens is hermetically sealed against the elements. In addition, it also includes a customizable control ring that can be used to focus on manual (the default option), to compensate for exposure, adjust the diaphragm or many other uses.

Its ” unique ” design is based on 14 elements distributed in 12 groups , with four ED-type lenses, four aspherical lenses, several elements with nanocrystal coating and a front lens with fluoride coating. This configuration plus ” fast communication between the lens and the camera minimizes the usual distortion in wide-angle photography. The sharpness is exceptional. When making videos, the aperture of the constant f / 4 diaphragm allows you to pass from the intense daylight to dark interiors without problems . “

In fact, it seems that the lens has been designed with videographers inmind , for which it also highlights the silent adjustment of the diaphragm. ” By changing the zoom, focus breathing is reduced (effective focal length change when focusing at different distances) and the focus shift “.

Price and availability

As usual, we have been given information about what it will cost in Spain or when it will be available, but at Nikon USA you can already reserve for a price of $ 1299.99 (which will easily be converted into the same amount in euros) and it is expected to begin to be distributed throughout next spring.


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