Meike MK 50mm ƒ1.7, 25 mm ƒ2.0 and 25 mm T2.2, three lenses for cameras without a mirror

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We recently talked about Meike about a handle for the Sony Alpha A9 and told you that this manufacturer in Hong Kong specializes in photography accessories. Including adapters for lenses and extension tubes as well as some inexpensive optics for SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras. Exactly these are the new lenses that have been announced, the Meike MK 50mm ¹ 1.7 and 25mm ƒ 2.0 for cameras, and the Meike MK 25mm T2.2, which would be his first foray into film.

Of course, we have little information about this because Meike can restrict the image you have seen on the cover of your website without further information. Clicking on this will take you to the page of your destination where the new one appears. Products are not listed. , However, according to The Phoblographer, the new targets will be available for Sony, Canon EF-M, Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds and Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras.

Meike MK 50mm ƒ1.7, 25 mm ƒ2.0 and 25 mm T2.2, three lenses for cameras without a mirror

In addition, they also comment that the first market to appear on the market will be 50 mm of 1.7 of the EPhotozine feed, which will be available in March of this year, with an aperture of 12 blades and a rate of increase of 0.11x ,

In any case, given the average cost of their products, which can be purchased through their online store (they will be shipped around the world) and also through Amazon, it is almost certain that the new goals will have a very high price. Interesting. And that’s always good news, first to beginners, amateurs or photographers who want to try something new that does not have much impact on their bag, and second, because the market for mirrorless cameras for third-party lenses is still tight.

Website | Meike

Via | The Phoblographer / EPhotozine

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