Fuji X-T30: The release date is fixed

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Fuji X-T30: New middle class camera

It has been known for some time that Fujifilm would like to present the new X-T30 in early 2019. With the X-T3, the manufacturer has been offering a new flagship for a few months, and the X-T30 will soon be the new sister to the X-T3.

Presentation in mid-February

Now, a specific release date for the X-T30 seems to be fixed, at least the website Fujirumor reported a few days ago. There is talk that the X-T30 is to be officially unveiled on February 14, 2019 . Fujirumors usually have very good sources, so you can definitely mark February 14th in the calendar.

Competition for the Sony A6400

The X-T30 will be an exciting camera, not only for Fuji fans, but for the entire market, as it will be located in about the same price range as the recently introduced Sony A6400 . The auto focus of the Sony A6400 is first reported to be first class, especially the new Eye-AF, but the A6400 is also a camera with some weaknesses. If Fujifilm does a good job, the A6400 could be surpassed in some areas, so maybe the X-T30 is the better choice overall. And Fujifilm has the advantage of being able to offer much more suitable APS-C lenses, as well as on its side.

By the way: Fujifilm has significantly lowered the prices of the X-H1 in some countries. Some suspect that soon an X-H2 could be presented. There are no concrete indications and rumors about this at the moment, but in the rumor mill one still assumes that the X-H2 will  not  be presented in 2019.

What do you think: What should the X-T30 have to offer, so that the Sony A6400 is completely overshadowed?

Source: Fujirumors

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