Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers

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We’re used to seeing duels between Titans in different areas of life … David vs. Goliath, Microsoft vs. Apple, Play Station vs. Xbox and, of course, photography could not be any less … Canon vs. Nikon.

First I apologize to the other users of other brands. This article does not want to say that these two are the best or much less, but only speaks of a duel of those who have been more popular with users, although this is beginning to change. And a sign of goodwill is that even though I use one of the two most popular ones, I’m very happy with my Panasonic micro four-thirds.

Let’s see what are the big pillars that have sustained this fight of the giants for so long.

Canon or Nikon, but … Is it a Brand Issue?

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers

Why, when someone lands in the world of photography and decides to buy their first SLR camera , does everyone seem to know which is the best brand in the world? Does that person look for the best camera on the market or the best camera for him? Because no, they do not always coincide.

Again and again, I listen to colleagues who want to comment on the subject immediately, and newcomers advise contacting one of the two brands (especially the brand that is used naturally). And in most cases, they have not stopped thinking about the type of use that the person will give him, or what functions will benefit most from them, things that mark the line from which one should be selected

Is it a brand problem then? In most cases this is a recommendation. However, if you want to make more choices in addition to this recommendation (which may be good), we’ll give you the keys to help you figure out which brand interests you most.

The Factors That Will Determine Your Choice

Then we will see what are the keys that will make you decide for one brand or another when you go to buy your new camera. And with another brand I do not mean just Canon or Nikon, let’s make that clear.

Why are two of the most widespread? Perhaps one of these factors can give you an idea of ​​what the reason for it is.

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers


One of the reasons we could choose one of these two brands is compatibility with older devices. For example, Canon has been working with its EOS series since 1987 and Nikon with the F-frames of its lenses since 1959. This means that we can use old lenses in our new cameras and they will continue to work. We have old cameras at home.

The difference between the two brands is mainly that at Canon these EOS series lenses can enjoy autofocus, while at Nikon only AF-S lenses are present, otherwise the focus will be manual. This is because Nikon has removed the autofocus engine from the launch cameras to make them lighter and more economical.

Canon, however, has the focus engine in the lens, so that the most economical camera models can also work with autofocus. What happens here is that as the lenses are older, this approach is much less precise than when compared to a new lens. In the case of the advanced Nikon middle class, this aspect is better covered because the focus motor is worn on the body.

So if you want to work with old lenses with your new camera, you should take this into account.

Quality of the Image

Of course you also have to look at the specifications of each camera. If you hear someone saying that one brand or another is bad, you do not believe what they say. Both are great brands with a long history and both offer you a very good picture quality.

We’ve talked to you several times about the benefits of shooting in RAW, but it’s good to try to make sure that the camera we buy delivers the highest quality JPEG image. So pay attention to this detail.

Easy Use and Navigation through Menus

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers

When we buy our first camera, it’s usually because we’ve decided to take another step in the world of photography. There will be many concepts that we need to review to improve step by step. It is therefore better not to complicate the problem by purchasing a camera that contains some complicated menus that are costly to access.

Imagine you want to change the shutter speed of the camera and raise it to freeze a wave of the ocean. However, you do not know which key you can work with or how you can set these values. Of course you can always take over the manual … but you can also miss the moment when you need to figure out how to do it.

So one thing to keep in mind is the ease with which you can navigate through the camera menus. Look for a model that makes it easier to change the three basic parameters of photography: aperture, speed and ISO.

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers


This is an aspect that we often neglect, but we think we will work with the camera in hand, and the fact that it fits in well with them makes us feel good and have good access to the keys Being able to change parameters easily will be important

In addition to the specifications of the camera, I recommend that you, if you have the opportunity to have a friend, take your camera or go to a mall and have it in your hands. This can be the factor that helps you to tell which of the cameras you will choose.

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers

 Find the Model You Need

In Canon cameras or Nikon cameras, there are many models, each of which has its own strength. There are some that are characterized by their high recording speed, which is enormously useful for sports photography.

The lighter and more compact ones are ideal for travel photography, with larger sensors and better recording options. Video has more effects, even with Wi-Fi connectivity … In short, it’s about finding the one that best fits your purpose, regardless of brand.

Video options

If you want to record videos with your new camera, you should also take this into account. Note the quality of the pictures you can select, the number of pictures you can take, the options that the camera provides for video mode management if it has an auto focus, micro input, and so on.

If the video is just an extra for you, it may not be necessary to pay attention to it, but if you’re curious and think you could use the model that gives you the best results. As an aid, I recommend that you search the web for videos created with each of the cameras you evaluate and watch the results.

In this area, Canon cameras seem to be used more for this purpose, as they offer a higher quality. One point is that we have the ability to reset the parameters when taking the shot, which Nikon does not currently seem to be available in many models.

Equipment Expansion

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers

If you really like taking pictures over time, you will want to expand your team in the end. Another important point is the number of options that the brand offers you.

In this sense, both Canon and Nikon find on a long journey many options to choose from and are also cheaper. If you are from Nikon or Canon, you not only need to buy a lens of the same brand as your body, but you are compatible with other manufacturers and you can use Tamron, Tokina and Sigma lenses.

In addition, Canon also allows you to use Nikon lenses via an adapter that would otherwise not work.

And the wide compatibility not only applies to lenses, but also for other types of accessories such as flash, remote control, shutter, etc.

Second hand market

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers

As in the previous case, if you encourage yourself over time to expand your photographic equipment, buying used equipment can be a very interesting option if we take the necessary precautions.

This is one of the things that may make betting on Canon or Nikon more advantageous than other brands because the range of possibilities that will open up will be much greater given their trajectory. We have many more ways to find a destination at a good price for our camera as the number of users is also higher.

Not Everything Depends on the Machine with which We Make Photos

It is clear that it is one of the most important things, without cameras there would be no photo. But neither would there be no light or an eye behind it that chooses why that frame will make your picture better than another. So do not give all the importance of an image to a camera. Does not have it.

Be True to Your Style, Not to a Brand

Canon or Nikon? The Eternal Dilemma.. We have the answers

You know, if you need to be true to something, it’s your style to experiment with and improve as a photographer. What does it matter if you take your best picture with a Canon than with a Nikon? Is that important?

There is a camera outside waiting for us. Outside is our photo orange, so find out and find out what it is.

Always remember, before you choose one brand or another, be it Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Fuji, Olympus, Samsung or whatever … the important thing is that you can enjoy photography.

What do you think? Will you be a Canonist or a Nikonist until death after reading this article?

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