Canon: New full-format DSLM for only $ 1600 on February 14th?

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Exciting: New rumors suggest that Canon’s next full-format DSLM will cost only $ 1,600! It should already be presented in mid-February.

New full-format DSLM from Canon

A few days ago, there were already concrete rumors that Canon in mid-February, the second camera in the EOS R series could imagine . It already circulated a specific name for the new full-format DSLM – Canon EOS RP namely. However, it was still unclear whether this new DSLM would be a mirrorless full-format camera for professionals or beginners. Canon is working on both models since last year.

EOS R for $ 1600 on February 14th?

Now, new rumors have surfaced – and they clearly say that the upcoming EOS R will be a DSLM for newcomers, supposedly priced at only $ 1,600. That would be for a camera with full-format sensor, of course, a real blast. Also, a specific date for the presentation is already in circulation, namely, the camera is supposed to be presented on 14 February 2019.

Technical details of the new DSLM have not yet leaked, it is only the speech that the camera will be equipped with only one card slot. Everything else would have been very surprising, since the more expensive EOS R also works with only a single card slot.

Compromise on the equipment

It will be interesting to see what compromises Canon will make in terms of equipment in order to be able to offer the camera at a low price of only $ 1,600. With the EOS M50, Canon has proven that they can bring even for little money interesting cameras on the market. Whether that will succeed in the cheap full-format DSLM? We are curious and keep you up to date.

Source: Canonwatch

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