Canon EOS R with 8K videos under development

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8K will replace 4K in the next few years

The 4K resolution is still seen by some users as somewhat critical, after all, full HD videos are often perfect for their own purposes. But that’s not how the camera industry works. The technology continues to develop and so in 2019 you just have to say that 4K is the new standard in the video industry – and 8K has been in the starting blocks for some time now.

That 8K resolution video will be used in some (or maybe even all?) Cameras over the next few years is hinted at, for example, by the CES 2019 announced 8K Sharp camera with Micro Four Thirds sensor.

Canon EOS R with 8K videos

But even Canon has 8K already on the screen and it should already be a Canon EOS R with 8K videos in development! This is confirmed by Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi talking to Imaging Resource. Mizoguchi is the “Top Product Planning Executive” of Canon, meaning the man who makes important decisions when it comes to which new cameras are developed at Canon.

Mizoguchi confirms in the interview, first of all, that videos will play a major role throughout the EOS R system. And in this context, he also moves out without much ado with the information that an EOS R with 8K is already on the internal roadmap.

Presentation already relatively timely?

In other words, Canon is working on a mirrorless full-frame camera that can record videos in 8K. Of course, you do not know if this camera will be released sometime in the years 2019 or 2020, or if it will not be ready until five years from now. But from the fact that the actually rather restrained company Canon addresses so directly an EOS R with 8K videos, could be an indication that the camera will come relatively soon and not just in five years on the market. This assessment is shared by the colleagues at Imaging Resource and Canonrumors.

Canon was often a step behind in recent years when it came to technical innovations. So came the first DSLM with 4K videos, the EOS M50, for example, only in February 2018 on the market. The interview with Imaging Resource now indicates that Canon might want to be one of the pioneers in the 8K category.

Source: Imaging Resource

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