Canon EOS R: New model with 100+ MP and IBIS approaching

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Canon: Big plans for full-format DSLMs

If you look at the rumors and information of the last few weeks, then there should actually be no doubt that Canon has big plans in the field of mirrorless full-format cameras. The EOS R system is to be greatly expanded in the next few years and new cameras and new lenses are to be presented in equal measure.

This year, Canon is rumored to introduce seven new RF lenses for the EOS R, which lenses will be, you can read in this article.

New EOS R for professionals with 100 megapixels

The Canon EOS R Canon seems to want to place long-term as a mid-range camera, because it should be equally new DSLMs for beginners and professionals in development.

A few days ago, new rumors leaked to the professional model of the EOS R series – or at least to “a” professional model, because it is quite conceivable that Canon works on various high-end cameras. For example, some time ago, the company itself confirmed that they are working on an EOS R with 8K videos.

Now it has also become known that Canon is working on an EOS R with a resolution of more than 100 megapixels. In addition, the camera should also have an IBIS. That this is missing in the EOS R, was and is one of the biggest criticisms.

Earliest presentation probably 2020

Both Canonrumors and Northlight Images have received information on the 100 megapixel EOS-R, and both consider it very likely that the information is correct. Canon has always shown high-megapixel ambitions in recent years and breaking the 100-megapixel sound barrier could definitely be the company’s goal.

But before such a camera will hit the market, we will probably have to wait a bit longer. By 2020, it should probably be the earliest.

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