Canon EOS 2000D reveiw

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Canon has renewed its range of launch cameras with the Canon EOS 4000D and Canon 2000D. The truth is that the latter, better known in the American market as the Canon EOS Rebel T7, is superior to the 4000D in some aspects.

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In this article, we’ll explore all the benefits of the new Canon EOS 2000D to help you choose your first SLR camera and get started in the world of photography. Sometimes it pays to invest a bit more … But better, value yourself.

Highlights of the Canon EOS 2000D

Canon EOS 2000D reveiw

As already mentioned, the Canon EOS 2000D was released simultaneously with the 4000D. Both are perfect SLR cameras, but there are differences between them.

The Canon EOS 2000D would be the big sister, its features and benefits are slightly higher as well as the price.

If you compare it to the model of the Canon EOS 1300D, it is not that it contains a long list of relevant changes. Probably the most prominent is the new sensor, although it still has the same processor.

1. 24.1 Megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor

Since the Canon EOS 1300D and the D4000 contain a sensor with only 18 megapixels, the big novelty and the difference that brings the Canon EOS 2000D, the sensor with 24.1 megapixels. As far as the ISO range is concerned, this is not a novelty with regard to the 2000D since the sensitivity is also up to 6,400 (expandable to 12,800).

As mentioned earlier, the processor is still the DIGIC 4+. This allows us to record videos in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) at up to 30 frames per second and 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) at up to 60 frames per second. It also includes Intelligent Scene Auto Mode, which automatically calculates the most appropriate settings according to the type of photo you want to create.

2. Rear 3 “TFT Screen and 920,000 pixels

Canon EOS 2000D reveiw

The Canon EOS 2000D has a prism with a 95% coverage, with which we can see on the back exactly the scene that we will record. In addition, you can use the viewfinder of this model to adjust the diopter setting, and press the SET button to preview the depth of field.

This camera has a 3-inch screen that allows you to easily navigate through the menus and select the configuration you want. The truth is that thanks to your 920,000 pixels, you can view your photos with 100% coverage and high quality. This goes far beyond the 4000D, as it has a smaller screen and only 230,000 pixels at 2.7 inches.

3. WiFi and NFC connectivity

In addition to the WiFi connection, the Canon EOS 2000D also has the NFC technology. With these features, you can instantly transfer your files to your mobile device or tablet for sharing on social networks.

You can create an automatic backup in irista. If you download and install the Canon Camera Connect application on your smart device, you can remotely create your photos as if you had a remote control.

4. Other Outstanding Features

  • It has a long-life Lithium Battery (up to 500 shots or an hour and a half of HD video recording)
  • It incorporates Creative Auto Mode (CA) that helps new users to obtain good results without having knowledge about exposure or other more advanced controls.
  • It has an Automatic Focus of 9 points with continuous shots of up to 3 fps , although in this aspect it is quite limited.

Advantages of the Canon EOS 2000D

  • Simple operation camera, perfect for beginners
  • Intelligent Auto Scene Modes and Creative Auto Mode included
  • Excellent battery life
  • Affordable price according to benefits
  • Lightness and ergonomics

Canon EOS 2000D reveiw

Disadvantages the Canon EOS 2000D

  • Keep using a DIGIC 4+ processor
  • The sensor does not have automatic cleaning
  • No folding or touch screen
  • Low burst speed
  • Very simple autofocus system

Price / Where to buy the Canon EOS 2000D


The Canon EOS 2000D can be purchased  on Amazon

If you do not mind investing more and compensating for the qualitative differences that we have already mentioned, this may be the best option to buy your first SLR and enter the world of photography.

Top Competitors of the Canon EOS 2000D

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