Canon confirmed that there will be no new EF lenses in 2019

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Canon: Three different bayonets

The year 2018 was eventful for Canon, because the market leader has introduced a third bayonet – and thereby himself a lot of work einrockt. Because unlike most other manufacturers, which only have two different bayonets on offer, Canon now has to build three different types of lenses: EF lenses, EF-M lenses and RF lenses.

That not all three bayonets can be maintained with full energy, that was basically clear from the outset. In the same way one could surmise that in the near future Canon will focus first on the mirrorless EOS R and the associated RF lenses. After all, there is the most catching up to do in this sector.

No new EF lenses 2019

But that Canon will not introduce a single new EF lens in 2019, that should come as a surprise for some anyway. But Canon has confirmed that even in an interview with Lensvid:

There will be no new EF lenses next year, we’ll take a break and focus on RF lenses.

Canon says, “Here we have to catch up with full-frame DSLMs, so we’re shifting our production to RF lenses, so we can produce more units and catch up to the competition.”

The interview was already published in October 2018, but since the colleagues of Lensvid are not yet so well known, the interview and the quite interesting comments on the EF lenses were initially lost.

A total of seven RF lenses , Canon is rumored to present in 2019. Also, a new EF-M lenses could allegedly be presented. But new EF lenses will be unveiled at the earliest in 2020 again.

Source: Lensvid YouTube


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