Canon 550D vs Canon 7D

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And came the Canon 550D , with 18 megapixels and 1080p video recording , features that have made many users, undecided in their purchase, consider what are the differences with the Canon 7D . We bring you a thorough comparison with the main differences between both models.

A quick look, the same sensor, the DIGIC, who needs two and I do not know what it’s worth, the viewfinder, the burst, a sealed body, I do not know what I want, if I do not send mail and a little bit more. These Canon are strange to take out two identical cameras with a difference of almost 1000 euros. But it will not be like this:

Canon 550D Vs Canon 7D: main differences

Canon 550D vs Canon 7D

Although they look similar at first glance, each one is destined for a different market. While the Canon 550D is a reflex SLR aimed at amateurs taking its first step in the reflex world, the Canon 7D goes one step further, focusing on a semi-professional market with other needs.

From this point, compare two cameras of different ranges, simply because of the best-selling features. This is not a good idea, especially because there are a number of features, physical properties, control options, configuration, and so on. These are the ones that usually make the difference when we move from one area to another.

Nothing short of a good table, with the main features of both models to check the differences that most users want to see in this kind of comparison, and which usually boast only if we choose the Canon 550D bought a camera like the Canon 7D for a good handful of euros less:

Canon 550D Vs Canon 7D: Those “small” things that make a difference

Let’s start with the sensor, apparently the same when we look at the number of megapixels and the format, but that’s not the case. The actual pixel density is not the same, but above all the structure of its photodiodes and their micro lenses are not the same, and these “little details” affect more than it seems, in the picture quality and especially in the final noise that we have come to the photos.

The image data obtained from the sensor are processed by the processor of the camera (the DIGIC processor). In both cases, the Canon 7D is the fourth version that includes a Dual DIGIC IV that directly affects the speed of the camera. Process that is closely related to the speed of the Burst-Diparo, 3.8 fps of the Canon 550D vs. 8 fps of the Canon 7D. This is important if we want to operate sports photography or other disciplines where speed is the protagonist.

Canon 550D vs Canon 7D

The approach is another feature that makes the difference between the two models. The 550D contains 9 focus points, and only the center point is a cross type. The 7D reaches up to 19 cross types.

This affects the accuracy of the focus, for example, following a moving object. In addition to the 7D, there are many other configuration options, including the selection of a focus area or the ability to independently select focus points for vertical or horizontal shots that lack the details of the home SLR.

The viewer is another feature that is not usually so important. The Canon 7D is bigger, brighter, offers more information (electronic level included) and something very important to me, has a range of 100%, which ensures that the frame we see is the same we put on the final Photo received. In the 550D we will see 95% of what we actually get.

Canon 550D vs Canon 7D

We can talk on the LCD screens as well. Both are 3 inches, and although the 550D has a higher resolution (1,040,000 vs. 920,000 pixels) and 3: 2, the 7D has a Clear View II, higher quality, and better resistance. It also has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display screen (in the 550D we need to set it manually).

However, the video mode is identical, although I still doubt that the 550D has an automatic focus because the specifications do not make it clear what point it would be against the Canon 7D if you had it.

The maximum shutter speed 1/8000 compared to 1/4000, more RAW options (M-RAW and S-RAW), compatibility with wireless data transmission and of course many more features and custom settings are the other advantages of the 7D before new Canon camera.

Canon 550D Vs Canon 7D: The exterior also counts

Canon 550D vs Canon 7D

Finally, and I would even say that almost more than many of the features we’ve talked about are the exterior design and bodywork design. If we’re looking for portability and low weight, the 550D is definitely better, but if we’re looking for a quality construction or a water- and dust-resistant body, the 7D is the winner

But that’s not all: The number of dedicated buttons, control wheels or information screens on the Canon 7D is greater than on the 550D. This is very important if we want to move forward in photography and have shortcuts for certain features even configure ours.

Canon 550D Vs Canon 7D: Conclusions

Canon 550D vs Canon 7D

If we want a SLR quality / price, the Canon 550D is unbeatable compared to the Canon 7D. But if we’re looking for a good design, a faster camera with better focus, a viewer under conditions, more controls, and those little features and functions we’ve seen, make another camera to another (though it does not look like that at first) the Canon 7D. 

My recommendation: If in doubt, because you’ll see them soon, buy the Canon 550D and a good light lens. For 80% of the cases this is undoubtedly the best option. A good camera that will take you a few years to make the most of it. I assure you that you will notice no difference if you print a photo at 20 × 30 with a fantastic bokeh to show it to your relatives.

If you understand the differences and consider them important to the type of photography you are doing or intend to do, you should extend your budget for the Canon 7D.

And that’s all. I hope you enjoyed this review of two of the cameras that are probably the most sold in 2010. 

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