A family is looking for a photographer to accompany them to travel the world with paid expenses and a floor of 90,000 euros

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A British family posted an ad on the Perfocal page in search of a photographer who will accompany them on their travels around the world for one year and took snapshots, as Daily Mail reports.

With a salary of 80,000 pounds (90,000 euros) plus travel, food and accommodation, you must travel outside the UK. In some cases they count in advertising, the stay in one country could be extended up to three months. In addition, the Chosen One has 30 days off.

Destinations that you would like to visit include Europe, America, South America and Australia. They also plan to attend events such as the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco, the Carnival in New Orleans and skiing in Val d’Isere.

The family is looking for a person who has at least five years of experience as a photographer. Candidates must undergo a rigorous interview process and spend a weekend with the family to make sure the “right chemistry” is created.

During the interview, the family discusses with the candidate the “additional benefits” that he or she will receive. In addition, the chosen one has his own accommodation in all the places he goes to.

Because of the father’s work, the family preferred to remain anonymous, but they also asked “Perfocal” to find someone as soon as possible, as their first trip begins in early February.

“Although” Perfocal “can not help the family process applications, we can certainly help them to make a short list by helping to promote their offer, and we’re curious to see if they can find a candidate to work with they are satisfied, “he said. Founder Tony Xu.

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